Flowers, particularly orchids, simulate insects to attract other ‘courting’ insects to inadvertently pollinate their flower species. Botanically this is known as Pouyannian mimicry. An unconscious evolutionary development that functions optically by approximating what is familiar to the insect but has no conscious design. These AI generated images, like flowers that simulate insects, generate an unconscious eddy of activity that behaves in concert with certain pre-ordained patterns.

Each artwork has a unique title generated by AI, using ‘The Library of Babel’, a short story by Jorge Luis Borges, as a lexicon to draw words from. The story about a practically infinite library preempts artificial intelligence and evokes analogies with genetic code.

The series title ‘Alluvion’ refers to the new landscape that the current deluge in digital technology is shaping. The original word describes topology irrevocably changed by the detritus left behind after a flood or tsunami.


Expiration Paintings

This is Not an Exit