The Machine Zone

The Nerve Rack

The Mask of Youth

The Centrifugal Soul

Seria Ludo

In Camera

The Corporeal Audit

Suicide Suite

Tiger Skin Lily

Collishaw became very despondent at the cosmetically doctored images of flowers that appear on greetings cards and calendars. He made flower pictures where he grafted animal skins onto the surface of various flowers by computer. The resulting images had an aggressive animal appearance much like his idea of flowers, as they actually are, indifferent sexual predators.

Harlow’s Monkey

In a 1950’s experiment in behavioural Psychology, a baby monkey was given the choice of two, artificial, surrogate mothers to cling to. The experiment was to determine whether the baby would prefer an uncomfortable surrogate made of steel wire with a bottle of warm milk, or a comfortable surrogate wrapped in terrycloth with no milk.

Collishaw made a cylinder anomorphosis using the pictures from this experiment. The anamorphosis requires a distortion of the image that is only viewed clearly when corrected by the cylinder. In a similar way, Harlow’s experiment depended on a perversion of reality to provide him with a clear picture.